PLU is committed to providing opportunities for all students to gain work experience and skills

PLU is committed to providing opportunities for all students to gain work experience and skills

For questions regarding the Gold Group, resources for undocumented students, future training sessions, or donations to the PLU4US Campaign, please connect with us at

Leadership, Employment, and Career Resources

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Alumni & Student Connections collaborates closely with The Diversity Center staff regarding alternatives to student employment for undocumented students. Career advisors in the Alumni & Student Connections office are available to meet with students and alumni for internship and career planning.

On Campus Student Employment & Leadership

  • Students with DACA You are eligible to work on and off campus with the submission of a I-9 and W-4 (see RESOURCES)
  • Students without DACA Federal law prohibits employers, including PLU, from knowingly employing someone who does not have authorization to work in the United States. There are, however, PLU has opportunities for undocumented students to gain valuable experience through volunteering, scholarships, and paid fellowships. Students without DACA interested in paid and unpaid on campus opportunity should email or connect with The Diversity Center staff.

DACA & Employment Paperwork

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Students with DACA are eligible to work on and off campus. While the law has several clear protections for employees who are not U.S. citizens, many employers do not know or fully understand the law. DACA recipients may want to read this Department of Justice advisory regarding rights for DACA workers. The Department of Justice also provides a helpful guide to Protecting Your Right to Work as well as useful descriptions of discriminatory practices.

DACA recipients may not be eligible for certain jobs such as jobs with the federal government or federal contractors. federal employment or employment by federal contractors. The Code of Federal Regulations Title 8, Section 1324b outlines situations when an employer can make hiring decisions based on an applicant’s immigration status.

The I-9 is a USCIS form which employers are required to have new employees fill out on their first day of employment. If an employer does not ask their employee to fill out this form, it is the employer who could face fines or other consequences from the federal government, not the employee.

The purpose of the I-9 is for the employer to verify that their new employee is authorized to work in the United States. An employer can do this by verifying that a new employee is either a U.S. citizen or possesses certain documents which prove work authorization such as a Social Security Card, Work Permit, or Legal Permanent Resident card. DACA recipients may prove their work authorization by presenting an I-766 Employment Authorization Document or a Social Security Card. A full list of accepted documents can be found on page 3 of the I-9.

Students with DACA iliarize themselves with the I-9 before filling it out. In particular, the I-9 requires employees to attest to a specific category of work authorization which is immigration related. USCIS provides additional guidance about filling out the employee section of the I-9 on this page of the Employer Handbook. Errors on the I-9 such as falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen can have serious immigration consequences so folks who are not U.S. citizens will want to be very careful in filling out the I-9 and may wish to consult an attorney with specific questions.

Social Security Number, Email Address, and Phone Number are all optional fields on the I-9. If an employer uses E-Verify, however, the social security number is not optional. E-Verify rules state that an employer may only screen someone in E-Verify once they have accepted an offer of employment. Applicants may look up employers to find out whether or not they use E-Verify. Learn more about your rights in regards to E-Verify here.

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